Self esteem is shot after trying onine dating and being shot down too many times in real life?

Literally i'm almost 26 now and i've never even kissed a girl before! At least i've been on about 4 dates by now so that's good. I just don't get it I send message after message on dating sites, and I used to approach girls in real life, but girls aren't ever interested. They always say they have a boyfriend. Even after talking for 10 minutes. Now for some reason I look at a girl and I just say all kinds of things to myself, like oh she's probably thinks i'm ugly or it will just be a waste of time. I've literally sent out like 1000 messages on pof and have only been on like 3 dates. I used to approach girls all the time, but I just don't have it in me anymore. Girls around my age seem to be too immature and play too many games, or just aren't serious. It's annoying when I get cancelled on when i'm fixing to leave the house to go pick her up. How can I get back to having a better attitude with women?
Very true. I think guys would be more likely to try and have relationships with multiple girls then a girl trying to do something like that. Not saying that girls wouldn't try and get some on the side also, but I think it's less likely.
No wonder I don't get responses, you guys get overwhelmed and don't know who to pick. lol


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  • Forget online dating, you don't know who people are until you meet them it's a waste of time spending weeks or months chatting with people online when they can act as anyone they like and lie as much as they want, i tried it myslf and each time it was just a waste of my time because i was just constantly lied to online from guys who just wanted sex... the internet ruins people perceptions of others too because online you see them differently than you do in person and as soon as you meet them, see what they really look like up close and hear their voice in person you see them differently again, but who you saw online wasn't really them they just act so different online, more confident. Nothing can relace being around someone in-person, so id stick to dating in person.

    • Just the reason why nobody takes each other seriously online is because people act differently online and lie too much... so you can't take others seriously on it ether.

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    • I think things have changed a lot in the last 10 years. Girls are more likely to hookup now which is why guys are always going for that.

    • not really... lol it's only the "party girls" but the rest of us still hold onto our panties firmly lol

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  • me being a guy, it pisses me off on how wanting, seeking validation has to come across as weakness first.

    • And since us guys are expected to be the assertive ones, its very difficult to be assertive and at the same time not be needy or desperate

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  • heyy, i want to respond to you but what i have to say is too long for on here, and i can't message you or post a link to my recent post about guys who are virgins in their 20s because i only have 1xper :( so if you want to hear what i have to say or talk at all pm me!

  • If your self-esteem is shot by doing ONLINE dating, then there's no hope for you it seems. I don't understand how you can fail online.

    You need to continue what you did before: approach women outside in reality and women online.

    How to get a better attitude? Realize that you're being irrational about this. I understand that getting shot down continuously can make you bitter/annoyed, but you need to keep your cool.


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