Is she losing interest?

There's this girl that I have a crush on. She used to be really excited when she saw me and texted me a lot. Now, whenever I meet her, she seems to be distant and takes a really long time to reply to my text messages. And when she does reply to my text, they are usually short answers like "yep", "haha", etc. is she losing interest in me?

Thanks everyone for the advice. I really appreciate the help that you guys have given to me.


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  • Yup... don't text her for two weeks and try to act the way she acts around you!

    Why? Becz you are not the guy who she can use for her ego boost!

    • I'd be really mad if she used me for her ego boost. Maybe not texting her for a while is a good idea. If she wants to talk to me, she'll text me anyway.

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    • Found out that she isn't interested. I'll try to forget about her now.

    • Moving on is a better option! Good luck

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  • sorry to say but it seems like it to me

  • that or you did something terribly wrong

    • I'm not sure if I did something terribly wrong. We just went out and had fun. One day, she started acting differently and it's been like this ever since.

    • well its either A. she lost feelings B. she's bored or C. she's not telling you something whether its between you two or something else

  • Maybe. Ask her if she's still interested or not.

    • I'm just afraid that if I ask her, it would ruin our friendship.

    • Not if she's a true friend. If not then it's best to end it soon anyway.

    • Yeah, I guess you're right. I might try to ask her.

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  • yeah... short answers/rarely texting back= bad sign dude...:-/


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