Girls, what is the BEST first date?

I really like this girl and I want to take her on an awesome date, money is not an issue but I don't think that price should determine the quality of the date.

This is a FIRST DATE between me and someone I am previously friends with, so something super cheesy and romantic is sort of out of bounds.

lets hear some ideas!
I was thinking about buying her starbucks then taking her to this really rich town near us and look at the mansions (they're like $15-20 million houses!) we both love luxury and house spotting so I thought this would be a nice relaxed date.

Then afterwards maybe go to the main street and get dinner


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  • If you know what her hobby is, try to take her to a place where you think she'd have a great time!

    Like, if she loves fish and nature, take her to the beach on a nice hot day with a picnic and a camera, take photo's of the sea and Instagram them or whatever you guys do these days. Make it a nice, cute date to remember and always be kind to her.

    If she loves painting, loves art or whatever take her to a museum or get somebody to come and professionally paint her portrait of just her or maybe both of you, get her to decorate a frame if she's into that and then frame the photo! That'd be cool.

    Now for the me, personally, the BEST first date would to be taken to the cinemas, get a blue slushy and salted popcorn with a hotdog on the side watching a horror movie holding hands with my date while crying and eating all at the same time. I would personally love that.

    • All of those sound like awesome dates! that last one would actually be amazing I'd be so down. I just don't want to come off to strong as we were friends before

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  • a surprise one when you dont tell her but you surprise her with roses chococalate and your guitar and you have nice clothing then go to the a beautiful park or beach

    • Tomorrow basically will be a surprise for her, and me too since I really don't have much planned at all.

      As for this idea she does not like flowers, I can't play guitar but the beach and clothing and all that will work :D

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    • not guitar but any instrument sing to her :)

    • also when you walk in stare at her without talking like the first minute my imagination in this one it would be nice for me

  • Go on a date based on your collective mutual interests.

    ie: MY ideal dates dont suit most grrrls.

  • find something that interest you both.. what she likes and what you're willing to deal with because she likes it

  • Something fun like amusement park and then dinner.

  • ice creams beach and sharing a hip flask


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