Does he know I like him now?

There's a guy that was in one of my acquatics class in the fall that I unintentionally fell for. I added him over winter break, and messaged him once, to which he replied immediately. We're both taking the class again now.

He seems like a quiet guy. So far, he's only been interacting with the guys in the class. There aren't many girls in the class, and I haven't seen him talk to any of them except for me. I talk to him, and over the past few weeks, he seems to be warming up to me. He cheers me on, calls my name a lot, and gives me pointers. He doesn't do that with any of the other teammates. He also talks to me a lot more during the breaks. He's been a lot friendlier towards me over the past few weeks.

I messaged him recently to ask if he and his friend would like to go swimming with me and my friend tomorrow. (we both have friends taking the class as well). he replied immediately saying he couldn't because he had to meet with his group from another class. I replied 'No worries. Just thought id ask. See you next week', But I was a little disappointed.

I've pretty much been the one initiating everything. Since i asked him to hang out, do you think he knows I like him now?


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  • I think he likes you and he probably knows that you like him too


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