Geting over a crush on your best friend?

so I've known this girl for 3 years now and I've had a crush on her prettymuch for the whole time, and she's also one of my very best friends. I asked her out not to long ago and sh turned me down, sux but i can't get her out of my head. i mean I've never been friends with a crush befor... im not sure how im suposed to get over her. and keep in mind I've never dated befor and she was my first kiss, ( complicated dont ask about the kiss)

any advice


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  • If you honestly want to get over her, then you have to create some distance. I know it would be difficult, as you say she is your best friend, but distance is vital for tempering these feelings. You can't put an alcoholic in a bar stool and expect them to mind themselves. Start spending more time with other friends, taper your conversations off so that you aren't talking to her as often, start talking to other girls.

    Who knows, with a little distance, she might decide that she wants to get closer to you. If not, that's great, too! You are making a conscious move towards your future, and that always pays off better than spinning your wheels where you already are.


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  • I can feel where your coming from. I had a girl who i had a crush on but it was mutual. Eventually we did it but never dated. Even my trying to once or twice to get her to go out. Best thing you can do is move on. Look around you there's thousands of girls you see everyday. Talk to them get to know them and see what their all about. 2 things will happen. either the girl your freaking over will get jelly and get in on the action or you will find someone else that's better. Either way its a win win and far better than doing nothing and just freaking over something that won't go through. Good Luck!!!


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  • been there, done that, forget about her and move on.

    • i value my friends to much to do that.

    • please, you only became good friends with her because you found her attractive (you said it yourself). She also probably doesn't care about you too, she just likes the attention and the power she has over you. I've been down the same path you're walking now, trust me when I tell you that you're MUCH better off moving on. by the way of you really want to win her over that's the best way too, tell her you can't be friends with her because your feelings are getting in the way and it's unfair for the both of you.

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