Does rebounding work?

typically I see girls on the rebound basically never heard of a guy rebounding since we are less emotional. I just brokje up with my ex a week ago and this friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend like about the same time. She wants us both to be each others rebounds but I never really rebounded. Does that work? I never though about having sex just yet esince my break up cause to be honest I'm kinda thorn up about it still but should I? or will this bring problems to our lasting friendship?


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  • it will bring problems. maybe not initially but much sooner than you would think. ride solo for a while and focus on you

    • thats what I always do just hang with the guys but she insists on me "fucking her just once" and we know that sex rarely happens only one single time if both people keep in contact

  • Don't do it! Rebound never works. Ever!


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