Guys, how do you know when... ?

How do you know when ypur boyfriend is cheating on you? ... Why do guys cheat on their gfs? ... When guys cheat on their girlfriend do they end up telling them? ... What are some signs he is cheating on you? .. Here is what i think... Adding random girls on phone.. Or instagram... Or taking girls phone numbers in the bars? ... Dancing with random girls at weddings? ...

If these are some signs... Could this also b.. He msgs he is out n about.. So vague... When u ask... He says family.. Why not say in the first place? ...

But at times he shows he cares by if i d]nt respond n i take forever n when i reply he sarcastically states... Wow that was quick.. Meant he missed me.. Right? ...

I feel weird at times that he only seems to see me... When he is in that mood... Im not a booty call as he claims im his girlfriend right...

Im not sure what to think.. Help? ...

At times he seems to say right things.. I feel at times he makes his male ego so big by telling me girls are after him..

don't know what to do...


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  • Does he get defensive when you bring it up

    Does he make excuses a lot for where he has been

    Adding girls phone numbers is a red flag yes. Have you questioned that

    A possible answer some guys give to this is "They are just friends that I met." Well if that is the case then ask yourself this. Does he add guys to his phone too? no? just women? Well well then. If that is the case then he may or may not be cheating on you, but he is definitely pushing the boundary.

    When your in a relationship this is simply the kind of stuff you do not do. Making your partner feel insecure is never healthy and if he is saying stuff like that to you then you should have a serious talk. Communication is the most important thing in a relationship.

    • Ty for the tip. He recently went on a trip n told me he added girls numbers... [ asked him... Why... He said it means nothing.. He danced with them... N just wanted to see if they rem him.. I asked y give importance.. He nvr answered that but i feel to feed his ego..

    • Ya that's not really something guys do when they're in a relationship. We will meet friends and get a few numbers here and there yes, but guys in relationships don't just go out and get other girls phone numbers like that unless we want something to lead somewhere eventually. It could be he wants some back up girls, or maybe just wants to flirt or have his ego boosted but either way that's simply not okay.

      If this is a common occurrence then I highly suggest dealing with it right away. If I did that my wife would know something is up and she would not let it go until I told her the truth.

    • Yes certainly.. Why need a back up wen im there for a long haul.. I do want to talk to him about all of this but he keeps dodging it..

  • There's no particular method. This isn't proof.


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