Guys, Need advice from some Guys, Do you think he was serious?

I have been talking to this guy for two months now and yesterday when him and I was texting I was going to try to be flirty since I have only done that in person with him hardly when we text when I tried to he said reply back stop it and I reply back saying I don't know if you are joking or serious but I'll guess I'll stop it. When he texted saying stop it i threw me off because my first reaction okay he's not
interested in me anymore and after I sent I don't know you are serious or joking he didn't text back and this happened last night. The picture is end of the conversation, the thing is I don't know if I am overreacting or not because I am confused. I just need advice and if it matter his age is 33 and I'm 24
Guys, Need advice from some Guys, Do you think he was serious?

The green is me and the and the gray his him


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  • It would have really helped if you added quotation marks to separate the dialogue from your description.

    If you are the text in green then it seems he's definitely no longer interested in you.


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  • He's probably not interested, if a girl I was interested in said this I'd say "want to join?"

  • the flaws of texting... lack of tone

    • What does that new lack of tone

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    • Okay so basically since me and him was texting it's hard to tell what kinda of tone he had when he replied with to text so I don't know if he was angry or what cause of lack of tone when texting right?

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