I think she's playing games with me. Advice?

So quick background: I've been talking to this girl, we went on a date and it went well. She said she wanted to see me again. We texted after that and I had tried 2 times to get another date set up, she said she wanted to but was busy the first time. The second time she said she had plans but would try and get back with me if she could. She never let me know with a yes or no. I figured she just wasn't very interested in me and let it go.

Now, 2 days later she is texting me saying she hopes Im doing well with smiley faces and stuff. Im lost, what type of game is this?


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  • Maybe she was busy and had other plans for real but she doesn't seem very interested maybe just mildly interested


What Guys Said 1

  • sometimes you just gotta play the game back remember its about you bro what do you want too many fish in the sea to settle down right now


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