Does she like me or does she want to be just friends?

Me and this girl have been friends for about 3 months now. In class, she look at me sometimes and sometimes I catch her and we both smile. She usually starts short conversations with me. I usually make her laugh a lot, but yet again she laughs at practically everything. She gets a lot of attention from other guys.

When I first met her, I asked her for her number (she couldn't text so she gave me her kik) and she gave it to me. One day she texted herself from my phone 'I need to confess my love. I love you. Forever!!!' I didn't think anything of it and I don't know why she would do that. She also showed our classmates around us what I said. Another situation, couple days ago, she would send good morning texts when our classes started and all the sudden she stopped; I don't think I made her angry. She sends random texts to start a conversation then just doesn't reply after a bit. I checked my phone right now and she read my text and didn't say anything. I know she sees my texts and doesn't reply.

Yesterday, I was sad in class and she noticed and became sad as well. She wanted to cheer me up, but she didn't know she was the reason why I was sad -.- Anyway, basically she cares about how I feel, but apparently I'm not important enough to text back right away.

Is this girl just trying to get attention? or is she actually interested? Is she using me to get attention?
She's asked me to hang out with her sometime and a couple days later I asked her when she is free and she told me she was retaking tests she missed. She seems really flakey


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  • She's like a female fuck boy. All talk. She likes your attention.


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  • "Is she using me to get attention?"

    "Is this girl just trying to get attention?"

    "or is she actually interested?"
    -Very likely. VERY. But beware of friendzone.

    • I honestly think she already did at this point.

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  • Dude she's a flirt. I wouldn't fuck with her, she just likes the attention And is probably doing this to numerous guys. And as for the kik message that she showed everyone... She's a bitch for that. Wtf. fuck her.

  • I only see you as a friend.

  • I would say she likes you, but just tell her how you feel


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