Why do people think dating sites for ugly people is funny?

I don't think it is funny all. I am highly offended. I am an ugly guy and I think these sites can be useful for ugly people since it is for the ugly community only. I am talking about how in my last post in which I talked about the dating site uglysmucks. com people were laughing about it. That is messed up.


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  • its pretty sad tbh. you might think you're ugly but to other people you probably aren't.. have some confidence

    • No duh, you don't have to be all PC. You know I mean people that are considered ugly by a big percentage of people @emilyyy23k. Therefore those sites are good for people like me. And you didn't answer the question.

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    • that's pretty ridiculous lol but whatever works for you man. good luck

    • @emilyyy23k what do you expect ugly people to do? If only you were ugly, you would understand

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  • I think its bloody funny. You know whats even funnier... the irony that men on ANY online website don't succeed very well outside clearly, so some guy just took the same thing and slapped "ugly dating" on it. Its funny. Man... I have BDD and I get offended easier than most, but I do think its funny.

    • @scrambled it is not funny, because it helps out ugly men AND WOMEN.

    • News flash bud, no dating site helps a guy, and do you really think a girl is going to look for a guy on THAT site. Dude they follow the same principles as every dating site, the promote women on there but there are very few. So no, it doesn't help women. And another reality is that an ugly girl on any site gets tons of hits, you won't, whether it be the ugly site, the normal site, the sex site etc. what you don't get... what I'm trying to say, is that it's like every other site but with a different name and any guy using any site should be offended that they there to begin with.

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  • It's the fact that people consider themselves and right of the bat exclude themselves from the possibilities of dating someone decent looking..

    • *consider themselves ugly

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    • @RichardTX sad but true

    • See man, you need to look at life with a totally different lens.

  • I don't think you should be ostracized to a specific site because of looks. I mean, a person's character is 99% of a relationship (1% for the sexual preference).

    • @Nice_Guy_Last looks matter to people man. These sites are useful.

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    • @Nice_Guy_Last where do you get this info?

    • It's common logic man. If a relationship is founded on physical attraction, when a person's physical appearance naturally deteriorates because of age, the foundation of the relationship crumbles, and the rest of the relationship with it.
      A person's character doesn't change very often. When you choose to love someone for their character, then you are much more likely to have an important long term relationships.

  • I don't think it's funny I need a website that women that would date guys barely getting into the real world and don't care if he doesn't have a place of his own or a career yet even though he's in school

    • @Ulyss that is good you don't think it is funny, apparently other people thinks it is funny.

  • This question is hilarious

    • Haha it is.

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    • @StickStickity13 As you wish deformed giraffe.

    • @StickStickity13 if you were ugly you wouldn't be laughing.

  • You're only an ugly guy if you believe you are. If Russell Brand can date Katy Perry, there's hope for anybody.

    • Um that is really rare cases.

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