Always on my mind? what does he want?

Even though I am in a very satisfying relationship right now, lately I can't stop thinking about my ex and what could have been. for four years it was just never the right timing for either of us, some one was in a relationship, or just got out of one, or in his case has been in the same one since the beginning of highschool. his excuse was always that that break up (which was recent) messed him up and he didn't know what he wanted anymore, that he didn't know a lot of things about himself anymore. he always seems primed to come back into my life, even though he never seems "there" yet to actually make a commitment. he acts like it's such a scar thing for him, but still always wants to give me what I want not only because he says so but because he does openly respect me, took me on actual dates, and didn't pressure sex (even though we did). in the end I just had to break it off because I was sick of not being a priority. he got melodramatic and coudln't handle me saying I never wanted to talk to him again. he begged me to take it back. I told him it didn't matter. I had a bad moment about a month ago where I called him, and quickly hung up before anyone answered. Very quickly after that, almost minute after minute, I got at least 3 missed called, texts asking how I was and that it had been a while, and a voicemail telling me he got my missed call and to call him back (pretty redundant at that point). I did nothing, panicked, and blocked him on my phone again, we hadn't talked in months. Anyway, I still keep thinking about him, and what could have happened if we had just been able to be on the same page. no one had a better time together than we did. But I don't understand why he'd be in such a hurry to talk to me after knowing full well that I knew what was up and he wasn't giving me what I wanted. does that mean he wants to now? why would he want to talk to me? I know he doesn't want to hurt me and wants to be able to make me happy, he's said it.
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  • really likes you, wasn't expecting to hear from you again, acted really impulsively because of feelings
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we were really, really close, had met each other's families, knew so much about each other, but when we fought, we really fought, and why would he be so so eager to talk?
would it be helpful at all to talk to him? to see what he wants, guys if you did this what would you want from the other person?


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  • Hey forget your ex... you are so wrong for even thinking about your ex... dont be a stuck up bitch... just move on...
    You can't help not thinking about your ex? Then get a life!!

    • that was just rude and unhelpful. apparently you've never been in love before.

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    • Well that's true that you can love more then once but... The thing Is if you keep on thinking about your past like your ex... you will cheat and break hearts... so stop thinking about what's gone and what's in the past...
      And distract yourself with your work out hobbies if you can't so thinking about him... Control your mind...

      And by the way i think he misses you... maybe that's why he called you...

    • i had him blocked because i was doing my best to move on, the one night I slipped up and called him i barely even let it ring twice and that's when his calls and texts and voicemail all came in within about 10 minutes before i just blocked him again. i just wish i knew what he wanted, what he could actually give me.

  • I want to call you bitch if you let me sure

    • how is this helpful?

    • Gtfo nipper

    • thanks for being a dick, please get off this thread

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