I am confused.....I don't know what to think....should I be communicating more?

have been dating a guy I met online for about 3 weeks. We see each other at least twice a week and talk daily. We live about 30 minutes apart. He likes me to call in the morning then we talk at lunch and after work. He has his little nicknames for me...honey, sweetheart, and always says he wants to hug me at the end of each conversation. We have had some great dates...bowling, excellent romantic dinners, and he has even been telling his friends about me, because the other night at his house he was talking to his friend on the phone for a second and turns to me and says "so and so (name left blank intentionally) says hi!". We have gone shopping together the one night I stayed over. He likes to know what my plans are for the day and tells me his, he likes me to call him when I get home from his house so I can let him know I made it safe. I truly enjoy his company. He is even helping me to find a rather expensive gift my son has been looking for.

He has offered to give me a key to his apartment and make me my own account on his computer so I can use it whenever I want to when I am there. He is quick to apologize when he made any type of thing he considers a mistake. I made mention today that "when he comes to my house we can go do something..." and he changed the subject. Nothing has ever been said about being exclusive dating. At what point does that come along? I do know at first he signed back onto the dating site that we met on, but do not know now as I have not signed on since I met him.

My questions are:

from what you have read do you believe an exclusive relationship is going to maybe be happening?

or is he just using me? or is this just a phase he is going through.

I ask because I apparently am getting attached a bit to this guy.

He is also going to be traveling for a bit in the next few weeks and asked me what I was going to be doing.

Should I be communicating more with him, by asking him what he wants or how do I go about this...let one day go at a time.


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  • A key to his place three weeks in? Seems a little fast. If he's doing that then it should be exclusive, otherwise you're liable to walk in while he's with another woman. Just tell him you think he wants to be exclusive since he gave you a key but you wanted to hear it from him to be sure.


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  • a bit similarity of my past experience ...lol,But ,its better to be up front to him so you will not waste ur time and he will definitely give you the answer...we are not mind readers sometimes we have to ask to make things clear..have a nice day and goodluck...

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