Does he want me to Stop liking him?

So there was this guy, he used to show a lot of signs he liked me, I'd always catch him trying to gaze into my eyes from across the room, one time I was sitting on the bleachers and after the assembly, he looks up from his bottom row, and stares directly into my eyes and smiles. I was shy, but I tried to break out of that, so I decided one day to do the same and he approached me with an excuse of asking if so & so came out of the room yet, and he stayed around asking more questions yadda yadda

Then he would act hot and cold, one day he would stare and smile, next day avoids me. He works at the book counter, and I need books, so when I go get books after he was having laughs and good conversations with the other people, when I come he seems quite, disinterested, and he even turned away a little.

The other day gee days a few things to his friend who was giving him advice that really hurt me. we where all walking together.
1. I hate the cat and mouse game, it's irritating
2. You got rid of your car for a female

3. There's this girl (I'm thinking he's going to say something about me) a couple of months ago actually (he would gaze into my eyes around this time) we used to talk on the phone (we never talked on the phone) we used yo go to gatherings, I even bought her a couple of things, but I never had any intentions.
4. Did you see that pretty girl today?
He even shows that he gets irritated easily, I believe he knows I don't want a guy who shows he has anger issues.
Also from our religion one of the negative signs is dating a guy with bad intentions. I felt like he said this to make me think he's a bad fit, but I see through his behavior. I really don't know I don't understand guys, but I'm definitely not into him anymore because of the way that he tried to let me down, he could've simply said, "I don't like anyone" or "I'm not looking for a relationship"

What do you think he was trying to do & what should I do?


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  • I think it's kind of like logging out of a computer. He's not interested :(


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