Narcissist man with stony heart.. what should I do?

Hi everyone,
Have you ever felt like even though God has placed experiences in your life to go through, it's just not fair that some are worse than others? I mean, I know that I am not perfect by any means at all... I am a born-again Christian, I gave my whole life over to Christ completely. Prior to this I wasn't living according to God's word, period. During this time, I was involved with someone who took full advantage of my feelings. Now that I look back at the situation and visualize how everything went down, I couldn't help but to blame myself for that person's emotional abuse. I was so blind to my admiration for this person, it never occured to me that what was happening was inhuman and unlogical.
Presently, I still pray about the destruction that happened to my soul and heart because I would like to move on with my life and Christian walk. I never received an apology or sentinmental note from this person because he simply doesn't care. He is a narcissist with no feelings, he lied to me, performed magic on me. Now, that I look bad at the situation, this guy was EVIL. Sometimes I think that he is trying to blame me for the harm and emotional abuse he has caused me. Back then, I couldn't see it because I was just young and dumb and I was just astounded by his intelligence. Not to mention, his ranking in social status in my state. Put it this way, I was just stupid.

Should I let things stay the same between the two of us because this is what he wanted out of no where or reach out to him and ask why he chose to cut me out of his life for his wrongdoings. I forgive, but it makes me feel some kind of way to see him happily living his life as if he didn't cause any damage or as if he is Mr. Innocent. That's like a murderer walking away free as a bird and we all know that's not right.

Any advice would be greately appreciated.

P. S. This guy is back on the online dating sites as if he never did any thing wrong. I am a new person in Christ and the last thing I wanna see is someone else suffer, but this guy cannot continue to do dirt, plan bloodbaths and get away with it.


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  • Run as fast as you can.. Narcissists are toxic and will devour your soul

    • I did. lol. That's the problem, he devoured my soul so much that even though I am very forgiving person, it's hard for me to forgive him because of the amount of pain he caused.

    • Next time have solid boundaries and don't be forgiving. Otherwise you will continue to attract such emotional predetors

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  • Abusers usually will blame the victims for the abuse they put on you. Don't believe it. They chose to make those actions--they are at fault.

    It sounds like you need closure so I think you could reach out to him if you're going to be continuously plagued by thoughts like this. Be prepared for a cold heartless message from him though if he decides to respond.

    I personally wouldn't deal with him and chalk him up to being a foul person.

  • Never look back at these freaks! They're evil, selfish act like no one is good enough for them,, loves to name call women a lot and expose them on fb for the world to see.

    Good luck!


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