Chances she is still interested in me? Is there any chance she will reach out to me again, because after all I am crazy about her.

So there is this girl I met a couple of months ago who lives about an hour away from me. I've been texting her since this time and have met up with her a handful of times since then. Whenever I do see her, we kiss goodbye and all that stuff that should let me know she likes me. Recently, her texts have been slowing down, which is expected, but now I'm then one who is initiating all the conversations. And when we do talk, she will rapid fire reply to me and then randomly stop responding until I talk to her the next day or two later. I brought her to my frats formal last week and she texted me that she had a great time the next day. Even when we woke up the next morning after the crazy night, she was cuddling with me like someone who wanted to be in a relationship with me. She texted me first the next day about how she had a great time and then texted me the picture we took as a couple. We talked for a little and then she just stopped responding again. I'm kind of fed up and confused, because she is obviously not responding on purpose, whenever I'm around her in person her phone is attached to her. I decided to just stop talking completely with her because it's too stressful for me to constantly be worrying whether she still likes me or not. That was 5 days ago, and she hasn't texted me at all. 1) did I do the right thing by going radio silent? I have to admit it sucked at first but now I'm the most at ease I've been since meeting her. 2) is there any chance she will reach out to me again, because after all I am crazy about her. I just had to cut myself off for now because I'm in the middle of finals and I really need to focus


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  • At the very least she likes you, now keep in mind that can vary in how strongly. From the outside looking in I'd either say she's into you but not looking for anything serious with you or she could just not be in the right place for something serious so is holding back. I would keep doing what you're doing and she'll come back if two connected. And when she does be cool about it and dont be salty lol but also maturely inquire about her inconsistency. good luck man!

    • Thanks man, that's what I was leaning towards but you made me feel a lot better about it

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  • oooooh man i also facing same problem now i cut off her she work with me but i m also confused but never get physical. now cutting her off and live my normal life is bit relaxing but when ever both of us get a chance make jealous each other both of us take full advantage of that event what kind of relaTION IS I DNT KNOW


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