I don't know what to do?

There is a guy who I have met and started dating. He's amazing. He has a wonderful personally and this amazing ability to make me laugh and smile. He's very sweet and caring. He spoiles me and treats me like I'm his queen. He's the type who always wants to work through things. He has many many admirable qualities. we have a lot common. He says that he always does and always will put me first before himself And our relationship.

But we have a problem. We are always having to work through things. When ever I bring up our problems he accuses me of breaking up with him. Most of the time we aren't. Sometimes I want to because sometimes I don't feel as though I love him aa much he loves me. Our relationship feels lopsided. I know that he is head over heels in love with me but I feet terrible about that. He's such a great guy. He says that if we actually break up he'll be completely crushed and it will take him a very long time to get over me if he ever does. Basically when we have these talks he tells me how he feels worthless because he's trying his absolute hardest to make and keep me happy. I don't know what to tell him. Basically, when I bring up a problem he accuses me of breaking up with him, I consider it and want to, he begs and pleads with me to stay with him. I feel bad so I promise I'll try harder to keep what we have and we stay together.


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  • you know what yiu need to do? you need to ask shorter Q's cuz I'm not reading Q's as long as this one.

  • tell him to stop being so insecure he might after you get through the i love yous and such

    • The thing is is that we have already said I love you. I feel as though this whole relationship has moved very fast

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