What to do on a movie date?

This week, I asked out this girl I like. I got her some boxes of candy, because I know she has a sweet tooth, and two movie tickets. I know it sounds cliche, but I thought it would be a cute gesture, and she said yes! We're going to the movie tomorrow night. I'm also planning to suggest we get food too, either before or after. Not sure what would be better if anyone has suggestions...

Anyway, this is our first date. And I know there are positives and negatives to making a movie night the first date. But as college students in a small city, there's not much to do. What are some things I should do/say? How can I tell how interested she is in me? How can I show her how much I really liker her without being creepy?


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  • break the touch barrier. listen to what she says carefully. tease her and use your humor if you have. as for the kiss part you will know for sure if you initiate lol but for some signs she could bite her lips or look at your lips. usually when two go on a movie date they talk at 80% of the movie lol. I would suggest buying something to eat or drink and eat/drink it while having a romantic walk or park.. if she's into these she will like it. good luck


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  • aw that's cute (: is there any pretty scenery you can see

    • There is actually a small but pretty overlook near campus. I'm thinking we should get dinner beforehand to start conversation and get more comfortable. Then go to the movie and after get like coffee or ice cream or something and go to the overlook. Thoughts?

    • that sounds perfect to me

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  • Open the door for her, take her out to eat after, and voila tis a better date. Aside from that do whatever feels natural.


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