How do I ask a girl out or to hook up?

I'm pretty shy the girls I've dated and had sex with it's because they have suggested it not me. I don't really know how to take the initiative I feel like I'm being annoying if I ask a female I'm interested in to go on a date. I don't get nervous I just don't like being annyoying or a creep. I really dont know what to say or do. there's this girl I wanna hook up with but I really dont know how to ask her or if I should.


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  • the trick is to get her to notice you. strike a conversation with her first, make incremental steps.. like test the waters first before diving in... see how she responds, do her eyes light up when she sees you


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  • dude... sounds like u overcomed yer depression basically... correct

    anyway... when u approach a girl, ask her 4 friends as the 1st step :-)


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