Should my sister keep dating him?

the guy my sister is dating is an ass to her and my parents he is a bigger ass to me. they broke up and gotback together a lot in the last 5 years. he is gretty and wa it all his way. i told him to stay away from my sister and out of my yard my senior year. is my sister making a good or bad choice?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Does he upset her?

    • sometimes, she won't take my dating advice. I tell her as a brother and my mom does the same. she crys

    • 65% sister
      100% mom/dad
      infinity% myself

    • I think all you can do is wait for her to find out herself. Sounds bad she'll be hurt but if you or your mum say anything she might just assume you don't like the guy and want them to break up and it can cause her to get distant from you

      Thanks for MHO

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What Girls Said 2

  • He sounds like bad news but sadly its her bad choice to make. Not much you can do to change a person mind about being with someone. :(

  • I am reminded of "Of Human Bondage" by Sommerset Maughm - I recommend taking her for a therapy and then if she still insists - let her go

    • I can and will if she contacts him again. he hurt my sisters feelings too many times

What Guys Said 2

  • Your disapproval is likely exaggerated. Considering their history it's likely they share some commonality and bond.

  • if yer sis is an adult... it's up 2 her 2 choose ;-)

    • she's 18, I don't tell her who to date. I want her to be happy and safe. I will dismiss her if they get engaged

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