Dating a woman who was veteran does love have an age or color?

hey guys im curious i met a woman who is very wise she's older then me has had a taste of traveling the world this woman is so intriguing i started liking her im 24 and she is 42 any advice from what i was told she is really into me and how im not the first guy who has interest in her she smart wise beautiful a cook and experienced in a lot of other things i think i might want to pursue this has anybody dated someone older then yourself please be truthful


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  • Yes my man is 12 years older than me. My ex's grandparents were over 20 years apart, they knew a couple who was 40 years apart! It's just a # :)

    • wow thats cool plus added bonus she can teach me things i dont know about plus she's loving caring smart pretty she is African American tall im taller and all but when we walk around each other everybody look at us weird since i look so young for 24 and then the younger girls around my age talk bad to us how i could be getting with them and im like for what a headache

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    • yeah when im talking to her i noticed she completely has my attention the her past is so cool and she offered to show me some of the training so im going to be working out with her lol i can really see myself with her she looks young to i mean i already know she likes me but she waiting for me to say it

    • That's awesome! Sounds like you guys have a really good thing going and a really good connection. True love. You're a lucky guy and she's a lucky lady!

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  • hahahahah dude... no age is just a # and nothin more... and color... nah only racists care bout it basically!

    • yeah i hear that but I don't know im really attracted to older woman I don't know what it is about them but i just like em i can't date a girl my age they dont know what they really want she's black and im latino as well thats why i mentioned color since i only date black women but in actuality i date all types as long as they love me

  • Love has a "crazy scale" and veterans are not sane.

    • she's not crazy but she does love to talk a lot and i noticed she drifts off topics like a crazy person but and sometimes she tries to talk about irrelevant topics pertaining to a certain situation but she beautiful

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