What do you like in a girl/guys pic?

My theory is that girls and guys tend to be drawn to opposite things (which makes sense for straight couples at least) but the theory is that sometimes a guy will take pics that they would want a girl to take and a girl would take a pic that they would want a guy to take. Examples of such are:

-Smiling in your pic (Not needed for a girl to do. Often hotter if they don't smile, though, it can sometimes work. Sometimes can make a straight guy look gay depending on his smile)

-Looking up/looking down ( I feel like a girl looking down in her picture is slightly offputting. I feel like a guy looking up can make him look shorter and sometimes gay.)

-Posing (Guessing a guy should never pose intentionally while i feel most guys are attracted to girls who are posing in a sexy way (until they believe the girl is posing cuz she's thirsty and looking for attention.)

-being with friends/being alone (I've heard girls tend to be more drawn to photos of guys with their friends as where, for me, i tend to like the ones where she's alone especially since I have a hard time focusing in on her with a bunch of other girls right next to her.)

-pictures with exes (this is a controversial one. I personally think guys respond well when they see a girl they think is cute with another guy because he gets competitive but on the otherhand a girl with a bunch of random guys who clearly aren't her boyfriend is a turnoff. Conversly, I've heard some girls like a guy who's with a bunch of girls 'cuz it shows he's outgoing and popular with women and that he's a player (maybe she will be different for him) but get really turned off if it looks like he's still into his ex.

I don't know. Could just be random coincidences. I don't even have Instragram so don't really care just intellectually curious.


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  • Ok attraction picture taking.
    -I don't smile not bc I feel Im hot. I just like my resting face and I don't really like how my teeth look both bc they're a little forward looking and my cousin gave me a bit of a complex calling me buck toothed. Anyway, it doesn't too much make a difference if a guy is smiling in a picture, bc that doesn't attest to how kind of a person he might be. On top of that even if the guy is attractive I've seen them with some yellow or jacked up teeth and I really can't stand yellow teeth.

    -Looking up? Like head fully tilted up or just eye contact? I guess a guy looking up or forward is alright. If his head is like tilted up it makes me think he's cocky or haughty in some way and that screams jerk so I avoid those.

    -Posing. That's a lie guys do pose intentionally. Like you're posing intentionally. When guys take their shirt off and puff their chest a little bit to look more attractive. Or just standing by a fancy car that most likely isn't theirs. Holding up a bunch of 20s as if they think they're doing something big. If it's a guy with just his shirt off I think three things (Douche bag, unattractive, thirst is real with him.). Posing with money (how desperado are you?)

    -If the guy is with friends to me it makes him look like he isn't confident to stand alone. Also Im not sure which is him especially if they all stand in a blended fashion. Then I'd feel awkward bc I thought his hotter friend was him. I think some guys intentionally will take pics with their more attractive friends for women to respond. When women take pics with their friends it's expected I guess, it's just once again awkward if your friends are hotter.
    Being in a pic with an ex is only question. Why? You'll just seem unavaible like your not ready to date. Some guys might think it's an ego boost to have a woman standing next to them as if to say "look Im so powerful and dominant cause I got bitches."(Have several seats. Swiping left.)


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  • Woman's face pics. A simple smile or neutral face. No fish kisses.

  • The face first and then I suppose onto how their body looks or posed.

  • I like abs. All abs. And booty. Double booty.


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