Guys, is this bad? Is he really into me? Us?

Okay so my ex and I broke up on a really bad note but we were always best friends so sure enough we ended up talking it out but didn't get back together.. anyways we've been talking heavy since we made up and we are getting really close and he tells me that he loves me and misses me all the time. He never changed my contact in his phone so I'm still under babe and he still has my fingerprint in his phone but as long as we've been talking and as much as he says he wants us back and as many times as people still ask us if we're dating , he still hasn't made a move to ask me out? Does he really want to be with me or what? I Know he's not talking to other girls cuz I've been through his phone (he knew after ) and I trust him but what's going on with us?


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  • He says he wants you back, you have access to his phone, he obviously loves you, and is actively working to repair the relationship. He wants you decide if you want this relationship or not. If he asks and you hit him with a no that will be absolutely devastating to him.


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