If you fall for someone else while you are already in a relationship what does it say about the relationship that your currently in?

Like does it mean that you are missing something or unhappy in the relationship and you just didn't know it? Could it mean you still love your bf/gf but your not IN LOVE with your bf/gf?


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  • It says that you're human. Many people go through this. It is not easy to deal with. You have to take the time to ask yourself how you REALLY feel about your current relationship.

    Why do you feel the way to do about this new person?
    What do they make you feel that your SO does not?
    Why is that?
    Do you want your SO to be that way as well

    Do you think they would do that for you

    Does this new person simply fill a void that your relationship does not

    Or do you simply not want to be with the current SO anymore

    Then you can decide from there what to do. It all starts with talking to yourself, be completely honest and brutal and you will get to the bottom of your feelings.


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  • If you are interested in someone else, it generally means you don't have strong feelings for your current partner. In my eyes, if you truly love someone, no one else matters


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  • Everyone knows grass is always greener on other side of the fence :P


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  • If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second.


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