How long till you have sex in a new (serious) relationship?

You're really serious about the relationship and it's in no way a fling to either of you and it's in no way about sex. How long do you wait until you have sex together?
  • I don't wait. The sooner the better.
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  • A few weeks - a month
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  • 2-4 months
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  • 5-6 months
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  • 8months to a year
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  • Marriage
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd say it depends on what you want and other circumstances. In an idea panorama, I'd wait a couple of weeks. I'm considering that I have known the guy for some time prior to being "in a relationship", not a couple of weeks right after meeting him. By the time we're an item, I should have some trust and a good feeling about him. Therefore I'd be more than okay with a couple of weeks. I'm 27 and have a high sex drive. So there.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If she doesn't put out by date three, there won't be a relationship.


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  • I think a few weeks to a few months, depending on the situation.

  • I want the good stuff so a few weeks maybe a month.


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