Is this a red flag? Should I drop this girl? Is she a racist?

So I've been on a couple dates with this Asian girl. She's fantastic, really sweet, nice and caring and got the hottest little body you can imagine. I had sex with her on our last date, which was fantastic and it was the best sex I've ever had.

However, throughout the sex she wouldn't stop saying racist things. She kept saying how big my
'white dick' is and how Asian men are pathetic and a whole bunch of other similar things. I feel a litte ashamed saying this, but it was actually a turn on for me at the time, but now thinking back I realise how incredibly racist those comments were.

Should I drop this girl? Is she a racist?
anymore opinions?


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  • Will you drop a girl because she is a racist? -_-

    • Maybe. Its wrong isn't it?

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  • hahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahaha omg im dieing laughing lol why is that such a rad flag? lol she probably doesn't even realize that she even said that hahahaha

    • Because she's being racist?

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    • Yeah but its wrong

    • haha okay then talk to her about it.. if it offended you that bad.

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  • This is like the third bullshit race thing you posted today. You did the "throw rocks at blacks / is it wrong". Believe you claimed to be from Louisiana in that one.

    Then you did the " my evil Chinese friend sys women should stay home/should we still be friends" bullshit.

    You got to change your writing style. The whole guilty white liberal act is so see through.

    I must have missed the other posts.

    • Lol. I have no idea what other posts you are talking about. Louisiana? Lol. I'm from Australia - as evident through my spelling of words like 'realise'. Could it just be that these are separate posts from different people?

    • Doesn't matter. It's a bullshit post.

      Same MO as the others. Pretend to be friend of the minority. Spout some common trope then ask how to deal with the awful bigot because it's so not you.

    • Well clearly you have nothing constructive to say. And clearly you're not here to help with my situation. I don't know, I don't care who these other people are. Take you and your problems elsewhere, maybe make a GAG post on it I don't care.

  • Do you want to be the object of her racial fetish? Would she have said that to any white guy?

    • I'm not sure. She kept saying how she thought Asians were inferior, i felt better than any Asian man blah blah blah. So i guess since she had to say 'white' it was a generalisation rather than just myself.

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