Terrible date gone wrong?

So I had a date in the evening last day.

I had met this girl for coffee a week before. I thought we had hit it off. So we both decided dinner was a safe bet.
We meet up and she doesn't even give me a hug.

Then in our chat she looked exhasted and bored. We both had worked in the day. I kinda felt like we barley said much or talked. I ran out of stuff to say, and I felt it got awkward. Then I decided fuck it.. this is already going downhill. So I pulled out my phone and searched some questions and we went over them.

At 1 point I asked if she was tired or bored. She said both...
What also killed it for me was she never even offered to pay for dinner or her share. Not only that, she didn't even say thank you for dinner... I mean really?

Anytime someone gets me something I thank them, because I apprciate that they are doing something for me that they don't have too.

Maybe I am venting to get it all out. I really liked her during our 1st meet. But, now... I think I have no clue.

PS: at the end.. she just stood there and smiled outside... and said she was sorry, she was just tired. Pfff...


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  • Why didn't u pull her up on it. She was clearly putting up a bitch shield and u didn't knock it down. But there was also faults on ur side as well. She had a bad day obviously and was wanting a nice dinner. The first test u failed was when she didn't give u a hug. U shoulve pulled her up on it and hugged her anyway. She also felt the convo went terrible so she thought 'well i might as well get it for free and make him pay for it'. Also she didn't say thank u which is kinda rude, but thats how she felt. She didn't feel she needed to say ty when u had given a terrible date.
    Women want a man that can lead and also put them in there place if they misbehave. U let her stomp all over u and u didn't make the experience good for her. Im not surprised she acted te way she did. Take this positive criticism and make sure u make the next date u go on more exciting to make her feel good and want to put an effort into the interaction. Also pull her up on things. Do this playfully and not angrily. If u make her laugh about it then it will be okay. Hope this helps a little.

    • Yeah.. I agree with you on #1. I can't believe I didn't give her a hug. I was thinking of it too and when I didn't ask I was like oh great.. fuck up #1 already...

      I don't think she had a bad day.. she was just tired this week from not sleeping well.

      I guess I get your last point... if the date is terrible. I guess she felt like fuck it...
      Although on date #1 she never said thank you, but did it only via text.

      I think I can expect I won't be hearing from her now.

      I guess I will take it as a lesson learned. I also noticed the day before the date. She wasn't responding to my jokes in a fun way any longer. I'm actually wondering if she found someone else, and she just went out with me because she had set it up in advance?

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  • She sounds annoying. Do you really want something with a girl like this?

    • See that's the thing... when I 1st met her she was amazing. Even now.. I mean I still liked things about her. But what she did in the end kinda has put me in a bad spot.

      I'm probably more upset than normal, because I actually liked her A LOT. she was up there on my list based off what I knew about her.

      So I guess I'm taking it harder on myself for that fact...

  • Sounds like she shouldn't have agreed to a second date if she was going to be a bitch about it.

    • Yeah I agree. I get the feeling maybe she didn't want to meet up. So then why show up and even help plan the date?

      I guess I was just more upset than usual, because #1 she never once offered to pay half and/or even say thanks for dinner. And #2 we seemed so similar and think the same way about a lot of stuff. I guess it sad that she didn't seem to care in the end.

  • So, you have no question?

    • well I guess the question is how did it go so wrong?

    • I can't say what went wrong because I don't know what she was thinking or what happened exactly.

      Dates are trial and error so chalk it up to experience and let it go. The next one might be totally different.

    • yeah.. I keep thinking the next one will be different... but it never is...

      My guess was she just didn't want to be there. Or, I just got this feeling right from the start... something seemed different about her than the last.

      It's my fault for not calling her out on and and just saying... "hey you seem different today... is something up".

      terrible... :(

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