Meeting my boyfriend's Belgian family?

They moved here to the United states almost ten years ago. They have started a massive dairy operation. He told me to wear jeans a nice t-shirt? Are belgians less formal? Help!


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  • Hi, I live in belgium. Belgians are actually really formal altough when there come an occasion they don't dress up very much. It depends on the family tough. Regular families wear a jeans and a nice shirt I guess. But a dress that's casually formal is good 2.

    • Wonderful! Thank you so much! Should I wear what he requested or dress up a little more like he said? He's taking me four wheeling tomorrow as well'

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  • Do as he requests. And calm down. Meeting any family is going to be nervous. Just smile and be polite.

    • Sorry I didn't mean to dislike that. But really? A t-shirt?

    • It's good. If that's what he thinks you should wear... lol. I would go in a simple dress.

    • Haha Ya I was gonna wear a white button down and polka dot skirt and then change when we went out to four wheel

  • Have you thought of what the weather would be like? If you are going four wheeling tomorrow maybe wear a long sleeve shirt with a cardigan/jacket with any type of jeans. But a regular t-shirt is fine.
    I think his parents will be more concerned of how you act and treating their boy right then what you wear, but I would suggest you not wear light colours if you're going to be outside for a while.


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