Does he like me only as a friend or more?

Me and this guy (lets just call him adam) had been talking everyday for almost 2 weeks now. Both of us are single. He called me when he was at work which was kind of a surprise of me, we usually just text each other when he's working (i don't want to disturb him by calling). He's a really nice guy, veery close to his mom, which is what I'm looking for in a guy. He always tries to make me laugh and when he does (usually when he made fun of himself) he seems very happy. Do you guys treat girls you only see as a friend like that or does he like me more than friends? Do you text girls you're not interested in everyday?


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  • He probably likes u if he texts with u everyday. trust me, no guy would bother so much if the other person didn't mean smth special to him


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  • Next time he makes u smile just look him in the eyes and if he is already into ur eyes then.. he may have a thing for u. .


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