Every time we are on a date, he always put his mobile down (screen facing down)?

Is it for the reason he doesn't want me to see the messages he's getting

but to be fair enough, he doesn't use his mobile and messaging someone else in front of me.

im just thinking that this might be an action of a player?


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  • It could be related to the phone when it rings if he has something nauty that pops up. But rest assure what ever it is he wants it to be private.

    • Yes. He really wants it private but whats there to hide? So im quite sure its related to other girls.

    • Let him know you find an with it, next time lay your phone face down next to his.

    • Find an issue with it

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  • I do that too cause I want no distraction. If I have it in my pocket I'll notice it's vibration. If I have it on the table screen up I'll see the light flashing and it's annoying, therefore I put it screen down.
    It's not because I'm trying to hide something from my girl, but because I want zero distractions.

    • That makes sense too hmm but we are not exclusive :/

    • But still, he's on a date with you, he wants all of his attention on you.

  • Ask him... Can i have ur phone and if he is cool then it was all ur ill imagination or else... Something may be fishy... .

    • Lol i can't do that, we are not even exclusively dating.

  • Dont jump to conclusions... it could just be a habit


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