Is it weird to never having been asked out at 19?

ok so this is me:
Is it weird to never having been asked out at 19?
Is it weird to never having been asked out at 19?
(my hair is quite short, it hardly touches my shoulders actually)
Is it weird to never having been asked out at 19?
(I did do model jobs before despite the fact that I honestly don’t think I’m very pretty and I feel like me not ever having had a boyfriend yet is actually a pretty good proof for me being right in this point)
I’m also very tall (5’9’’) so u can probably already imagine my struggles of finding someone tall enough..
Now the thing is that although people constantly tell me I’m oh so pretty I’ve never been really confident about myself or the ways I look so I would never even dare to take the first step if I’m interested in someone which is weird because I’m actually very outgoing with my friends but as soon as someone attractive turns up I just want to be invisible for some reason..
Now I'm already 19 and about to go to uni next fall and I just have the feeling that literally all my friends have or had at least one person they are or used to be dating so far or at least someone who had a crush on them.
My problem might just be that I may be way too picky because I’m only ever really interested in like 2% of the guys on this planet..(means tall enough (!!), interesting personality, attractive to me, etc etc.) - and when I’m lucky enough to see someone that actually catches my attention I’m usually way too shy and insecure to go talk to them. It’s a doom loop. But then again how could I try to be more interested in a guy if I feel zero attraction towards them

This whole boyfriend/relationship thingy just doesn’t seem to work for me so maybe I’m just meant to be forever alone? :/


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  • Wow! You're the cutest!
    I do think you're quite beautiful.

    And i can tell you right now - for some reason guys don't ask out those shy, introverted but beautiful girls. Ever.
    O. o

    No idea why, because all I could imagine and ask on this site - all of those suspicions have been refuted. So it's not because of your looks, might be because you seem too introverted and maybe you don't look like you want others around you.
    Ad least that's what I've concluded.

    • thank you this actually helped but should I just sit in some public place and randomly smile at guys to like appear more approachable? I'm just scared they'd think I'm so weird hahaha

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    • you really are the most helpful to me so no problem.
      I like the idea with the exhibitions since I'm really into contemporary arts maybe I'm gonna look for some ongoing exhibitions nearby later (:

    • You should do that and just start a conversation with someone who's looking at the same piece as you are. =)

      Good luck!

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  • Long Answer: Hey lets go out sometime... there, you've been asked out so it's no longer weird ;) But seriously you're incredibly pretty honestly I'm thinking they might be intimidated by your looks to ask you out (I know strange right) But hey, I'm sure the right guy will pop up at the right time to ask you out.

    Short Answer: It's slightly weird cuz your gorgeous and I find it weird that you've never been asked out so yeah... it's a little weird.

    • haha yay I've just been asked out! but yeah i really hope someone will someday be brave enough to talk to me because I'm definitely not going to be able to make the first move I'm just wayyy too terrified of being rejected..

    • I wouldn't be too worried about being rejected shy one. Just enjoy life a little, go out with friends or family and have fun, life's too short to be worried about being rejected. I'd be more worried about stalkers (Personal Experience) than rejection.

  • You put too much pressure on yourself. An examp;le: giving a mho in les than 20 minutes!!!

    In many cultures, it's the NORM to not go out as a couple until your age, or even later.

    You're not weird, just tall and unusual looking... it's probably for the best you don't start dating until now!

  • I think you are scaring away the guys. You have that typical dismembering killer looks.

    • omg hahaha i would actually consider myself quite a nice person as long as you don't fuck with me.. well how do I change that? can I change that at all?

  • You look pretty. I don't see any problem with your hair 😊 Didn't think that you'll be 5.9 tall though 😊😊 There are many tall guys. Keep on trying. You'll go find someone pretty soon. Who knows, that person might be on gag 😀😀😀

  • You're 19. Come back in ten years with this crap about forever alone.

  • your a very pretty looking woman and honestly the right person is out there and will approach you just take the time and enjoy being 19


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  • So pretty omg. I really wouldn't worry about it, guys are probably just intimidated by your looks.

    I'm 19 too and also 5'9 and my current boyfriend (who I just started dating) is the only boyfriend I've ever had but we've been friends since I was 16. Sometimes it's the people you least expect.

    What you described is literally me. I'm so bubbly with my friends but when I was around guys it'd turn into a total potato. So hang in there dear, your image is definitely not the problem :)

    • The only thing that really worries me is that even when I'm out with my group of friends guys would only ever go and talk to them, but never to me, they would just talk to me as the friend of their 'target'.. haha maybe I'm just not attractive to guys?

    • No you defo are. Maybe your lack of confidence just gets in the way of you seeing it sometimes

      And coming from someone who has literally the worst self esteem on this planet, I wouldn't worry about how guys see you. I was always worried about being that one girl who guys avoid when they're talking to my other friends, but in the end I realised it was my lack of confidence, and it always clouded how I saw myself amongst other people. You are pretty, even if you don't believe it. And one day you will find a guy who will tell you that every day.

      I would say maybe try to speak up more when hanging with guys, but don't change who you are. If that makes sense :3

      Ps. Dating is overrated, and we're still young aha

    • hmm I'll try to be more confident around guys in the future.. Thank you so much !!

  • Nooo it's not weird.

    If you talk to them, become friends, and press your interest to them romantically after a little while then you could find someone.

    You might come off as already taken to people sometimes because of how nice you look or something. Guys aren't good doing approaching anymore, they don't usually have no fear.

    You have to show interest even if it feels like you are embarrassing yourself.

    You aren't too picky. You can never be to picky. You go after who you like within reason and you'll find someone great.

    • why does this whole approaching-guys-I-like-thingy seem so hard omg.. I'm actually also incredibly scared of being rejected because that would seriously be the ultimate killer for my self confidence :/

    • It feels hard because you are shy
      Ik what it's like, but if I can do it once in awhile so can you xD

      Practicing what to say helps and remember how you look when you approach. Remember you're doing that dude a favor by even giving him the time of day when you approach.

      Rejection happens and it's not going to make you any less desirable to anyone :/

      If you get rejected it's because you aren his type, he's taken, etc . Its not your fault, there's nothing wrong with you

      Don't take it personally. If might knock you down for a little while but you can't like it consume you and eat up your confidence in yourself. You'll be miserable.

    • thank you! I'll try to come out a little bit more in the future maybe one day I'll have the guts to talk to someone I like..:)

  • you're actually really pretty. I'm surprised :-0

    You will be asked out.. you seem a little shy. Put yourself out there!

  • hey but you're milking the money right? or at least you're getting some kind of money

    but maybe it's the guys that want you to come up to talk to them perhaps... maybe you seem to like walk away from them or something if you know what I mean? AM I correct

    I think the guys would like you to approach them.

    Looks-wise you are up there with Taylor Swift...

    • I only started the modelling for the money actually but I've had some pretty cool jobs with underground designers which was also really fun. And it seems so easy to say to approach someone but if I'm really in that situation I'm never ever going to be able to just do it.. I know myself.. haha

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    • ohh I see haha but I can't just go to talk to strangers especially not if they're attractive strangers..
      I just can't I'm wayy to shy to do that I just hope that one day someone will actually not wait for me to come over but do the first move themselves..

    • yeah but I'm telling you I think there are guys that notice you as someone they can see as having a long-term stable relationship with but I'm not sure. lol

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