What should I do, I really want to stay with him? Please help?

My boyfriend just called my crying yesterday that something was wrong with his feelings, because i did make him happy and he wants to be with me and he cares about me but he couldn't figure out why he wasn't crazy in love with me anymore all of the sudden for some reason.. But he does love me. So now he wants to start over from scratch and take things slowly because he really wants to be with me. Do you think this will work?


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  • yeah its worth a try
    go for it

    • I'm just not sure how to act i mean i love him and we have been saying that for the majority of two months but i don't dare to say that anymore now

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    • Don't jump to conclusions and let life unravel itself

    • ☺️ thanks

What Girls Said 2

  • Yeah i mean if he wants to start over to me thats a good sign? at least its not a ' lets just end things' he's saying lets give it a try.. I know id kill to hear those words from my ex right now.. No one can say whether or not it will work all you can do is leap, give it your all and hope for the best..

  • Yes he made it clear that he <3 you...

    • Yeah.. I'm just scared now;(

    • Talk to him a bit.. never know what you both have in common ;)

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