Why did this girl flake?

Basically texted a few days straight (her reaching out to me). The texts consisted of flirting, sexual remarks, and general questions about each other.. She even proposed we should meet. 2 days later I offer her a day. The day comes, text her in the morning and dont get a reply until 1pm, in which I ask her if we are still on. she's sayd " I dont think I still can". I say something like "Its ok but I would have appreciated a notice".. She said I was still ok for it last night but that somethings came up this morning and that she wasn't sure if it was still on because the day prior I hadn't contacted her at all... Why do chicks do this? I ask her if shed still like to meet and offered her another day. The night before she texts me saying she has this job interview ( 3 days after our meet), and that she needs to travel to see family that day. Like WTF.. Did you forget about your interview or something? its pissed me right off (Of course I didn't show), but I really dont want to ask her out again coz Ill look like a desperate fool. Why do chicks do this man? she's seems genuine but its almost as if she's leading me on... Her second excuse was more legit than the first though it seemed like she listened when she said I need a notice if something comes up


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  • The first two could've been legit excuses but if she doesn't show up the third time... Then, move on. She's yeah most likely playing with you and you don't need to deal with that.

    • She did seem really apologetic for the 2nd time... She said "Im really sorry" "I hope you're not too mad at me.." It doesn't sound like she's playing with me, it did seem genuine but disappointing

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    • I used to be the most patient person you could ever meet, before I got involved with dating girls... Now Im so quick tempered. What have you girls done to me

    • Haha you didn't date me so I can't comment. But good luck!

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