"Make them chase you!" What are your thoughts?

I've read it on so many articles that the best way to get someone you like is to make them chase you. Have this worked for you? Did you just do it just to get laid or did you do it to get a serious relationship? And lastly, any tips?


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  • uhm, in a way. not in a 'lets play a game' kinda way, but just enough to make him know a few things [indirectly]:
    1. i got standards
    2. i dont fall easy
    3. when i do fall, i fall hard, so if u stuff up badly, I'm gone.
    4. I'm very slow with progression, so if they really want me, i need time.

    that is all.

    • If you like a guy enough, would you consider chasing him?

    • id put in effort for him, hell yes, but if i ever feel like he's trying to make me bend over backwards for him, then I'm not gonna bother with someone who aims to use or test me without an outcome.

  • Well I'm old-fashioned, and I won't go out with a guy who won't court me first. Like I want a guy to put in effort to show me that he's serious :) Like he can sweet-talk me for years, but I won't be anything more than friendly with him if he doesn't do anything.

    • Even if you really-really-really-really like the guy?

    • Haha that;s cute :D uhm, no. Because I'd want someone to really-really-really-really like me, and the only way to know if he truly does like me is if he puts in effort to show it :) That doesn't necessarily mean gifts and chocolate, but like walking me home or picking me up for a date :)

  • Eh if I truly want someone I'm going to go for it. I don't do that whole chase thing, I see it a waste of time and quite pointless honestly.
    I do it when I want to be in a serious relationship with someone. I don't do casual flings (it's just not my thing) so summing up my answer..

    If I want someone, I'm going for it

    • wow I wish I were as confident/brave as you. Honest question though, aren't you afraid or heartache? You don't do casual (neither do I) so doesn't it hurt real bad when things don't work out?

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    • Oh wow that's so encouraging haha! Good luck to you guys then, may you have a nice and happy life. Hope he's the one! :D

    • @JacquelineBuan haha yeah 🙈 thank you! That's so sweet :) I think he could be the one :P but i'm not rushing into anything Lolol
      good luck to you sweetpea :)

  • Yes, I do that. Guys don't like when things are too easy to get. They like to earn it. I don't think it would work on me though. I don't like to compete for something I feel I shouldn't have to compete for. I'm more of a "take it or leave it" kind of girl.

    • So what you're saying is that if a guy you like is playing hard to get or appears to be playing hard to get, you'd stop going after him?

    • I don't really ever "go after them" I just talk to them more if I like them. If they show no interest, I don't try to change their mind or convince them I just accept that they aren't into it and move on. I think the hot and cold crap is annoying, but guys eat it up like candy.

  • Trying to "make" someone chase you is just another term for playing games. I would never chase anyone, or entice anyone to chase me. If they don't pursue me willingly then it isn't a relationship i would want to enter into.

    • Are you married? Or in a relationship? If yes, then who pursued who before it happened?

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  • yeah... they say if u ignore the person u like on purpose,... then he/she might chase u back if he/she lkes u basically!!! ;-)

  • I have no such experiences, but I like the idea.


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