Irish man and Canadian woman?

Do the 2 cultures go together perfectly, dating wise? i have a crush on an irish guy but would our cultures clash since we are from different countries! Thank you for answering!


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  • Irish must be at least 10% of Canadians, if not more. I'm sure you wouldn't have any trouble 'fitting in' anywhere in Canada.

    Sure the cultures would clash at times. Irish guys tend to like to spend time in the pubs, for example. But you'd have the same problem with a Ukrainian-Canadian, a French Canadian, etc. etc.


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  • sure y not? wot it matters is if those 2 people get along 2gether basically 8)

  • Sounds like the start of a good joke.

    • How so?

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    • As for cultures clashing.. Nah I doubt it. I am Dutch, married to a Brit. There are a lot of cultural differences but it's what makes it interesting.

    • That's very true! Thank you! :)

  • Sure, why not? They both like to drink and fight whilst watching rugby ;)


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