What qualities makes a guy someone nice that you like to talk to but would never date?

Girls never see me as dating material. They always give me a really strong friend vibe or tell me they are interested. The ones who say I'm not interested say they only see me as a friend but I could get a girlfriend if I wanted to. This happens to me a lot. I always get told how nice and sweet I am but I'm starting to think that's my problem. What's makes a nice or sweet guy who does nice things for people unappealing as a boyfriend. I do this for everyone not just them. It's just my nature so I'm not going to change it. I just want to know what makes someone not seem like dating material?


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  • Harsh thing to say but some guys I like their personality but wouldn't date them because I'm not at all physically attracted to them

    • That's not harsh just honest. You can't be attracted to everyone.

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  • If you had to have a reason to NOT want to date someone rather than a reason TO date them we'd all want to date everyone by default.

  • when he is afraid of commitment but is a funny outgoing person.. :)

    • But what I'd he's not, What if he wants a relationship? Is it just looks?

    • for me, looks= looking healthy or unhealthy.. aside from that, could be he is not making any move or telling the girl that he likes her more than a friend..

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