Dating in general?

I've been looking for about a month now for a girl that i like but it hasn't gone well
either the girls deseperate,
she thinks she's to good for me,
or has to many emotional issues,
also there beliefs aren't the same as mine and
ill talk to them for a few days but after that ill make the choice too delete them eventually
so im wondering if im doing something wrong
and maybe you might know some good sites to actually meet a women
any advice would be greatly appreciated and please real advice


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  • Its not that easy. You can be lucky finding the one as easy as 123 but it can be hella difficult. Yes, you tried but no one really passed so you just have to try and try and look and look again. dont be desperate though else, it will be more difficult to find her. Just go with the flow.

    I met this guy on tinder. Of all the guys who asked me out, i only agreed to him. He's the first that i met in real life. There was chemistry, so now we had 3 dates so far. I like him but i am trying not to attach myself because i think im not the only girl he's seeing. Im simply just going with the flow and enjoying his company. See, even if there's chemistry its still difficult.


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  • I'm in the same boat as you man. I've been looking for awhile, still got a few I'm supposed to meet up with but I feel like a lot of times it's like 100% my effort as far as the conversation goes and feel like I'm interviewing girls and not having a conversation with them at times. It's like they give me nothing to work with or don't ask questions.

    As far as sites go, I'd say okcupid, pof and maybe even tinder.


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  • Lol I've been looking for almost 15 years now and no luck. Online sites might be helpful. You can always try tinder haha.

  • "Online Dating" is not my thing. Good luck tho!

  • Forget those stupid sites. Go to your local supermarket. Best place to meet girls lol


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