On facebook, do you have different rules when it comes to friending someone you're romantically interested in vs. just a friend/acquaintance?

I'm in the midst of a standoff...

We text, email, etc. She's even planning on visiting me over the summer (we aren't living in the same city right now). But alas, neither of us has caved to send that friend request.

Personally, I delay the friending if I like the person because I don't want to seem to eager. I also have high privacy settings, and like being in control of the information she can find out about me. Gotta keep up some mystery...

A female friend told me even though it sounds counter intuitive, it is a good sign she's holding out, because she's waiting for you to do it and she'd only care about that if she liked you.

  • Yes, if it is someone I like, I wait
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  • Yes, if it is someone I like, I just can't help myself from friending him/her immediately
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  • No, I don't treat them differently
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  • I don't treat them any differently at all.


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    I always go for the number personally. It's up to them to make the move on facebook though.


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