Why doesn't he break up with her and date me?

I'm friends with this guy. He just moved into town from out of state. He has a girlfriend back where he came from. But last Friday he kissed me on the lips. I thought maybe that he just got caught up in the moment and didn't mean to kiss me. Well yesterday he kissed me before I left.

So I was thinking that was the only time he was going to kiss me is when I leave. But today we were out there and I was hugging on to him like I normally do well he leans down (he's 6'3" to my 5'6") and kisses me but instead of the normal peck like friends do he kissed me like we were dating (its hard to explain) but then he started to French me! I mean I was happy because I Frenched him back.

But now I sit here and think about his girlfriend. I don't feel bad because he kissed me first, but I just wish he would break-up with her and date me. He got grounded (yea lame I know) so he can't do anything till next Wednesday but the normal guy who loves there girlfriend would say he is going to call his girlfriend and catch up with her. Not him. He promised me that I'll be the first and only person he calls so that me and him can hang out alone and we can talk and do what ever I want to do. What does this mean? I'm really confused and I need help. Why doesn't he break-up with his girlfriend and date me?


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  • Well first thing that pops into mind is that we could only wish that it was that easy to just break up with someone because he might actually care about her and probably doesn't want to hurt her. The best thing for you to do is find out if he wants to have a relationship with you or is this just some type of fling that he'll be running back and forth from. If a guy can have two girls and not have a problem, HE WILL go on with it. So whenever you guys hang out just be straight forward, let him know, and ask him about it or he'll probably not make any changes.