Does he want to date me or not?

So, there's this guy I got close with, and when he's drunk he'll say "if any guy fucks you, they're dead." He says that a lot, and then he'll say he wants to date me, and I should "date" him, and I said "yeah", but then he was like "yeah right, you would never date me." He also loves to grab my hand a lot, but when he's sober he acts normal with me, and he always says "bud" or "buddy", he doesn't flirt or anything. He texts me a lot though, and always wants to hang out with me. So does this sound like someone who has real feelings for me? Or does he sound confused? Need opinions on what you think. Thank you.

Also I just want to add that when he's sober, he says he doesn't want to date any girl, and that he's "over love" or whatever lol. Yet, he said to my one friend that he wanted to date me, and he said that I'm a "rarity", and he kisses me on the cheek a lot sober and drunk, lol. I just don't know what his deal is, lol.


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  • Sounds like he's definitely interested. But I'd be em weary and skeptical of someone who drinks a lot and behaves the way he does when he's under the influence. There also seems to be a hint of possessiveness there. Lots of nice guys in the world. I wouldn't just settle for the first one to grab your hand.


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  • He's had some bad experiences in the past, so he isn't actively trying to start anything with you, but when he is drunk, he shows he has some deep feelings for you.

    How do you react when he tells you his feelings? That's the critical issue!

    • Lol, you're right on that! He actually got out of a bad relationship and the girl is trying to screw him over too. So, he is weary of women, and he even told me that. He said that he is "scared" of women. He says it when he's drunk, so I don't really have a reaction because I always think "he'll forget tomorrow", like this one time, he said "Sara, I want you to date me. I want you to be my girlfriend." I was trying to make him leave at his aunt's house cause he was so drunk, and she wanted all of us to leave, so I said "Yeah, I will." just so he can get out of the house. He then said "No you won't. You won't date me." I said "Yeah I will." He said "No, you won't." We kinda just didn't talk about it, but now everytime he gets drunk, he mentions something about "dating". He said to my friend in front of me "I would date Sara in two seconds. She's a really good girl." I don't have a reaction like I said because he says it when he's drunk, and I always think he forgets lol.

    • You can't talk about your feelings with someone who is dead drunk, that's for sure.

  • Sounds like a pussy. I would piped the pussy a long time ago. Tell him to man up or grab his junk

    • Lol, yeah. I think it's just a figure of speech when he says he just wants "kill" any guy or "fuck up" any guy that has sex with me. I see what you mean though, haha. Thanks!

  • Damn girl, u attract a lot of extremely possessive guys!

    Yes he likes you,

    but the "if any guy fucks you, they're dead" statement is a seriously huge red flag.

    I'd stay away from him!

    • I do, don't I? Lol. I don't think he means it literally, but I see what you mean. Thank you for commenting! :)

    • Glad I could help (as usual!) :)

  • He definitely likes you, calling you 'bud' and 'buddy' is his way of flirting with you as well as touching your hands.. also keep in mind the old proved 'a drunken mouth speaks only the truth'.. I say go for it with him 😃

  • Sweetheart do you need to have it spelt out for you?

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