Is he busy or just not interested?

So i've been "talking" to this guy for three months now. In the beginning he would text me everyday. Even when we started having sex he would still text me every day. Seriously, he didn't miss a single day. I was really impressed because i had never had a guy that I liked be that interested in me. He would get mad when we didn't talk much one day, and was just really amazing. He was really boring, though. it was always the same "wyd" "How was your day", but when i could get him to talk more it's really nice. slowly, he stopped texting me everyday and would just text me whenever. i didn't see a problem with it because i get that people don't have to text everyday, and was shocked when he was doing it. But now, i feel like he is losing interest in me. Around the second time we had sex, i wanted a clear understanding of what our relationship was. He would always tell me im his girl and he's my "hubby", and that he can see us going for a long time but it doesn't always feel that way when we are together. we've only had sex twice, and during the sex time he left the room after we were done. the first time i was a virgin, and when we saw that i was bleeding, he stayed with me and called a cab for me, etc. I wanted to ask but waited for him to text me. I waited 6 days ( this is the longest he hasn't texted me) and asked: "are you okay? are we? and he said: "yea im fine. are u?" i didn't even respond. what does that text mean? and lately i'm the one who initiates the conversation. i just can't get him to talk. he'll leave me dry responses where i don't feel like replying, so i sneak on his fb to find out things about him. Apparently, he doesn't like talking on the phone and would rather facetime (he has asked me to facetime in the past), and considers himself a bad texter, and leaving the room after sex seems to be normal for him. it's been three weeks since we've seen eachother (this is the longest we haven't seen eachother) and he's making no effort to even see me.
He doesn't ignore me, though. Whenever i text him i do get a response. Which is something i like.
He started making music, so i'm thinking he's in the studio most of the time. And he also works and is in school.


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  • I'm sorry you're going through this, but no one is that busy to just blow you off for that long. I can understand a day, where he worked and/or studied late and just went to bed, or hung out with his friends until very late and didn't want to bug you or just hit the sack. But the fact he's acting to distantly towards you tells me he's bored and in the process of moving on, or has started seeing someone else.

    Look at his track record. He had time to contact you every day, even getting upset when you two didn't communicate, and now he's off like he had some lobotomy. It's also rude to leave the room after you climax. That is if he has any inkling of care for you. Even if I slept with people I didn't really like beyond just having sex, I'd still stay in bed (or wherever we did it) and talk or rest together. I left the room one time after I had sex with an ex girlfriend, because my college football team was on TV, and I never heard the end of it, and also realized how inconsiderate of me that was.

    I think it's time for you to consider moving on. If he starts texting you back like nothing every happened and starts being all jokey, then he's full of shit and is using you because he's bored and horny and the other girl he was seeing is not longer with him.

    Again, I'm sorry you're feeling used, but we've all been there and now you can start focusing on meeting someone who actually gives a shit about you longer than just them getting a nut.


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