Girl is really jealous I was interested in her girlfriend but can't get her to do much with me?

i've known her for a while , however girlfriend of her's i just meet recently at bar. i noticed rate away other girl was looking over in disgust over the whole thing but i never really dated the other girl and although we talked a few times we never had that strong of a connection and never did anything physical. but now things are just getting weird that new girl is in the mix at same bar. you try talking to one and other is not far away jealous your talking to other girl but they still appear to be close friends and get along with each other. they'd both be interesting girls to date so its frustrating they have to be like this and can't seem to decide what to do about me


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  • She might like you

    • yeah I think she might but why doesn't she want to do anything about it , we've never even been on a date and she's capable of meeting another guy

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