Should I text him first again?

three weeks ago I went on a date with this guy and we really hit it off. Same interests and everything. One problem is that I first started talking to him on tinder. I just had the app for fun but he was and is really nice so I thought it'd be cool to meet him, which it was. Anyway, after that we talked almost everyday and it was real fun talking to him. Then he moved to an other city because he's going to work there during the summer, but he comes back like once a month. We decided to meet again three weeks later and now there's two and a half weeks left. (I know the time lapse seems weird, but I went way for a week after we met the first time). Now, there's almost been a whole week since we talked last time which I find a little weird, since it went from talking everyday. I know he's busy and all, but one text wouldn't hurt and when we talk we respond with either a lot of hours in between or just some minutes, it all depends on what we do. I've been on tinder just to see if the guy's alive and he's changed his bio two times already and so on. Should I see it as a sign that we're not going to see each other again or should I wait and see if he texts me?
I'm almost 18, and I'm not in love or anything


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  • Just wait until he texts you.


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