What does this mean when he says this? What does it mean when he talks so thoughtfully of our future?

I'm 15 and my boyfriend is 16. Lately, all he keeps talking about is how his future involves me and how he's never gonna leave etc. today he said when he has kids they're going to be OUR kids. What does it mean when he talks so thoughtfully of our future?


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  • It means he loves you very much, and were he given the choice, today, he would make you his mate or wife. Be gentle with him. I had this same experience with my second girlfriend. Remember, Love has no such concepts as age or timing. To him, his love for you is as pure and valid as it will ever be in his life.


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  • It means he is taking crazy

    • I said to him he's emotionally immature

    • With out a doubt. Girls mature a lot faster than boys. He is gonna alittle immature for a while still. when he tells u this where does he think the money comes from? When ur parents tell u they work hard and try to get stuff on sale etc. There telling the truth. Good luck

    • I said to him to take it slow he's thinking irrationally and he doesn't know what will happen in the next few years. Then he started talking about us eloping and I said no straight away. I have a strong belief he is very emotionally immature.

  • Lmao he is 16 he is speaking nonsense


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