Why are white men generally the least popular group (dating/marrying) in the UK while indian men are the most popular [Link in the details]?

According to the statistics from online dating websites, indian men are the most popular group amoung men while white men are being the least popular.
Do you have any idea why? are white British men considered that unattractive even by their own white British women?
ayi. com/dating-blog/united-kingdom-interracial-dating-ethnicity-preference/


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  • I'd say because the white men tend to want a casual relatonship. Indian men can be more tradtional...

    • What about white women then? I mean, most white women are more likely to want a casual relationship, right? So shouldn't they prefer white men?

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  • My guess would be choice. Indian men want to get a wife, and knock her up until they get two sons... White men want to do things with their lives, and women are secondary.

    • So why would that make white men the second least popular? I mean, since they are all on a dating website, it means they are looking for a strong, serious relationship. So I don't think those indian men or those white men are like "Oh, I'm here only to have some fun"

    • I didn't look at your supposed stats, but what I'm inferring is that maybe the study is examining recent marriages figures/proportions to population... If you have a culture like Indians who tend to get married very young with the strat of having sons to take care of them when they get old, vs a western culture that tends to be more career oriented and tend to wait into their mid 30s to think about marriage, you'll likely get high figures for the cultures coming from developing nations...

    • It doesn't suggest they are more desirable, just that they are going for that traditional way of life.

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  • Exotic is hot, they might be too 'normal'

    • So people choose to date/marry based on being "exotic"? Wow, okay. Well, thank you. Too bad it is not my fault that I was born white.

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    • Some might look better, some worse. Not liking them is your personal taste

    • Few few might look better, most look the worst. I believe that's what you meant.

  • This couldn't be any further from the truth...

    • Well as the statistics say, the most popular amoung men: 1. Indian 2. Latino [...] 2(second least). Black 1(least). White
      Women: 1. Latina 2. White [...] 2(second least). Asian 1(least). Indian

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  • Things must be different in the UK.
    In the USA, marriages between white women and either black or Asian men have a 59% higher chance of ending in divorce.
    Marriages between black women and and white men have 42% less chance of ending in divorce, compared to a white/white couple.

  • I saw that stat

    Its a bit surprising but then again, British women have been dating Indian men for centuries... There are stories of Indian fisherman running away with English girls from the 1800s lol

    Plus English guys tend to be fairy one dimensional and sad...

    Indian culture is in right now... Cash in !

  • don't believe ANYTHING u read online bro!

  • How can I put this lightly.. Your wrong.

    • Well.. that's what the statistics say. I mean, I don't think indian men can be by any chance the most popular either but... I don't know.

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