We keep getting closer instead of moving apart, should I trust my feelings?

I have been dating this guy for 10 months now. We haven't made a commitment to each other but it's really serious. He always make time for me and he has met my bro and sis. We are completely honest with each other and we have become very close friends. Everyone knows we are seeing each other and can tell we are very serious. He has a past and he has told me that he is working on something so that eventually we will be in a relationship. He is scared of letting me down so he suggested that I be open to other guys. I'm feeling him. He goes to church with me, take me out, and I even hung out with him and his home boys. He says sometimes he feels like he is leading me on but he says that bc he does not want to disappoint me so he says. He has strong feelings for me and I think he thinks that I expect highly of him. I explained to him to be himself and that I have faith in him. He know I want to commit but I don't want to force it. I gave him space for two weeks and he says he misses me and that he has been feeling down lately. After connecting and gaining a strong "relationship" should I trust my feelings and trust that we will get there? Is 9 months really a time to commit. I like him and he has never given me any reason to leave him.


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  • You've been dating for 10 months, he hasn't agreed to be exclusive with you, and he's talking about the possibility of a committed relationship someday


    • I think he is trying to filter out things from his past. This is something new to him in a good way. I put myself in his shoes. It's kind of hard to come from a different background into something he hasn't had before. I think it takes time but the good part is that I have seen a change in him. He says I have had a major impact on his life

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  • Just give it some time then, and see what happens.


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  • just get together if you love each other that's all you need


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