Signs a girl you met online likes you or is in love with you?

She added me on Facebook.


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  • I don't think she likes you. I think she's just adding a bunch of people and messaging them about her new YouTube video. She's basically self-promoting as much as she can. It could also be an excuse to initiate conversation with you and that would mean she likes you. :)

    • She wasn't self promoting as she sent me it as I took intrest in her youtube channel, I mean a girl wouldn't add a strange from a dating site on their facebook unless their was some attraction right?

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  • Give me some things she's given you

    • she sent me one of her youtube videos with this incase you wanted to take a look :)

    • Thats just for views. people do that to get subscribers

    • True I know that as I run a channel with 13000 subscribers but it didn't come across that way to me

  • You'll only know if they tell you.


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