As I have anxiety if I talk about random stuff during the date will it work?

I'm not good at mantaining conversation untill I get sort of hyper/releaxed


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  • You gotta be more relaxed. I was that way too, so now I try to make small talk with everyone, even when I'm not in the mood.

    I'm getting better with time in this. Practice goes a long way.

    • Yeah it's easier to make small talk ain't it. Any topics you would suggest that make it easier to talk about.

    • Anything, really. You just have to listen at what she's telling you. I learned a technique that consists on nodding 3 times when the other person is speaking. That makes them more comfortable. Almost everyone loves music, just try to make her tell what their hobbies are and see if you both like the same stuff. Then it's so much easier.

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  • then... start a conv with yer fav topics maybe?

    • Yeah it's just its hard sometimes as suffering anexity makes you a bit braindead a times

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