Why do you think white girls (most of them) tend to date/hang out with guys from other races rather than white guys?

In America white women tend to love black and latino men. In Canada they usually go for brown guys and white guys. In Australia they usually date maori or arab guys and in Europe they usually go for black and arab guys.

Why do you think that is the case though? They find other races more physically attractive? Or what?


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  • Because they don't care. They'll date anyone, looks doesn't matter.

    • Okay but why are they dating more guys from other races than they dae white guys. why are the majority of them with non whites but very few with white guys?

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    • Well most white men are not into you, women of colour. Most of us prefer white women but unfortunately this ''romance'' is only one sided

    • Well, try a change of preference.

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  • Uhhh... Pretty sure that's bull crap. Most white girls date and marry white men. And most black girls date and marry black men.

  • /cryingforeverfromalltheracequestions


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