No kiss after two dates? What is going on?

So I have been talking to this guy off of tinder and have met up with him twice. The first time was last week for coffee. We met at a starbucks and had a great time. I felt like we really clicked and we have a ton in common. We were even “lol”-ing at each others witty jokes which is pretty rare for me on a first date. At the end of the night he said do you want to hang again soon and I said yes. He texts me three days later and says lets explore this cool area of town together Saturday. We meet at a coffee shop and its kinda slow at first but the conversation picks up and we’re having a great time. We walk around a bit and grab lunch after. At lunch I was starting to feel kinda tired so I said I had to leave after we split the check and he did not even try for a hug, kiss, or even say we should hang again. He said he had a great time and I said me too. I’m wondering what the hell is up? We’ve hung out for multiple hours twice and not even a hug? We shook hands the first time we met but that is it. Something to note is I am not a flirty person at all. I’m pretty much a guy in the emotions department and I’m more of a serious empowered female than most. But he is also really independent and not like most guys so I like him a lot. I feel like maybe he doesn’t think I like him or something because he hasn’t even told me I look nice or any compliments like most guys do. Any advice? Obviously I have to wait and see if he texts me again in the coming days but I just feel sad and like I bored him to death or something.


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  • he wants a relationship not a hook up. stop trying to rush it and just enjoy your time together

    • Thank you for your opinion! I know he wants a relationship even though we met on tinder. He's totally not that kinda guy and freely admits he is a nerd. When do you think he would iniate anything physical? Most of my other dates have hugged or kissed me by this point and I can't help but feel like he isn't intereted.

    • he's interested but he doesn't want to rush it but if it really bothers you that much then why dont you initiate it first?

    • well that's easier said than done. I am not one to initiate things sadly

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  • Well although u might not want to take advice from a 14 yr. old consider these factors
    A:he is too shy to make the 1st move
    B:insecure... I had a boyfriend who didn't want to kiss me because he said he was a bad kisser
    C: this pertains to A, if he's too shy then maybe u might have to make the 1st move
    D:only thinks of you as a cool friend to hang out with
    or E: likes you but doesn't find you attractive, if thts the case then u don't need him

    • That is actually great advice! You are clearly perceptive for your age. I mean he defintely finds me attractive as he swiped right on tinder. Maybe he thinks of me as a friend? But then why would he ask to hang again after the first meeting? I think A and B could be true as he is a computer science guy and is nerdy. But what should I do? just wait and see or text him? I hate feeling the weird limbo stage of not knowing

    • Ask him to a casual date like brunch, or lunch when you guys are ready to leave or in the beginning give him a kiss on the cheek as a greeting or goodbye, if you are feeling a bit bold you can always hug his neck and give him a peck on the lips then pull away to see his reaction. Or just say" I had fun, but ur missing something, a goodnight kiss? " if he refuses then you will kno. if not.. well yayy!! 👌👍👍

  • "We’ve hung out for multiple hours twice and not even a hug?" - you sound clingy

    You seem VERY CLINGY

    • Hey thanks for the comment but I am not clingy in the slightest, just confused. None of my other dates have waited this long to even hug me. So that is why I am concerned. I'm not a flirty girl so romantic stuff just isn't my forte

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